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DJ/Megan Fox Fanpiccy


Had nothin to do so I made this dream combo pic of Megan Fox and Dwayne Johnson. Just discovered the magical use of clip art. But two of my fave actors dating would be AWESOME! Course Dwayne's way older than Megan and they've never met so yeah. I wish I was dating Dwayne though lolz. Like that would ever happen!

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Gothicness, The Rock, Ouija Boards, Vampire Kisses and More

Veryyy freakin bored. Got nothing to do. Might as well update my lil journal.

Anyway, been interested in Ouija Boards for awhile. I printed one out because I didn't know where to buy one. From the freaky gypsy store? Uhh...don't think so. This is the one I got. And beside it is the one I want. It's an Emily The Strange one.


Well, I tried using it and obviously nothing happened except me and my friends were giggling and expecting Satan to pop up any minute. Not very likely... Where I live, there's no haunted houses or graveyards or any scary crap, which totally sucks.

As you can tell, I'm pretty gothic. I love goth stuff! I love paranormal things and leather jackets and black nail polish and tattoos and Harley Davidson motorbikes so what am I? A goth? A biker? A turd? Please say anything but the last one. I'm sorta like Raven Madison from Vampire Kisses (one of my fave books) or Emily The Strange or Ghostgirl.

Or atleast Imma WANNABE...Lolz.

Okay Imma end this little entry with some gorgeous piccys of my role model, Dwayne 'Le Rock' Johnson! (I added the Le to make it sound sexier but I just sound like a Frenchie). Dwayne is so HOTTT! And he's my role model and I totally admire him and think he's a total sex bomb. He's the sexiest man alive! I've seen every movie and almost every WWF/E matches and promos of his so you can say I'm his biggest fan. Nuff with the bragging, look below! ;]


AARRGH damn Trish Stratus gets to kiss Rocky Bear! *goes on a rage* I got 500 piccys of Dwayne btw. Ain't that cool? Maybe more stalker like but the more the merrier ;] Okies good night gonna go get drunk.

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16 Angelina Jolie Icons, 4 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Banners

4 Dwayne Banners (click to enlarge!) Btw, the first banner has a matching icon.

4 Misc. Angie Icons

12 B&W Angie Icons From Her Photo Shoot For St John's


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Mahh First Entry (:


heyy my name is Rav and i love Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Shia LaBeouf, Elvis Presley, cats, WWE wrestling and rock n roll =] my fav bands are AC/DC and Kiss. and you should add me bcuz i like to randomly add people lol

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